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In Memory of these beautiful souls that passed through my life...


Bella passed in February of 2017. She was rescued by a wonderful and caring friend of mine in 2015. She had untreated laminitis and had foundered. When I first saw her I was puzzled by the condition of her hooves because it didn't look like a classic laminitis case. She had grown cap like things on her hooves. I guess it was her body's way of trying to protect her. She had been under the best vet/farrier care and was given a second chance to know the kindness of a kind soul before she passed. 


Bella Hoof condition
Bella hoof
Detail 1
Detail 2



August 2, 2017 a part of me died... My beloved Cowboy horse saw his last day. He taught me so much about horses, humans and life. Was always my shoulder to cry on, my strength and my hope. This rescue with a bum knee live 15 years out of auction and did not ship...

Goodbye my friend, until we meet again. 


They are ALL my heart horses, (I guess I just have a really big heart because people say you can only have one), they all change my life and keep me humble and learning.



Chester was given to us by a student who didn't want to see him end up on the rent string. He was a bit difficult at times but ultimately he was a big cheddar cheese ball and definitely Lobo's best-est bud ever. Lobo would be sad to know of his best buds passing. Chester was retired some time ago and was fortunate enough to have been taken up to Washington with a friend. He was well cared for till the end. His video tribute is under construction. RIP Chester cheese ball... 


I've worked with many mare's and everything they say is true! They are not altered so you get the whole horse,  female mare hormones and all, but when you're in, you're in. They are very untrusting when they are older and have been passed from hand to hand. I put a lot of hours into rehabilitation and trust training and they all payed off because not only did she live, she was able to create so much joy into other peoples lives.

Stormy was a magnificent beast but had spiders in her brains sometimes lol, she was an Arabian mixed with a Thoroughbred and ran rather hot sometimes. She taught me so much, vet care, hope, determination and what it felt like to truly save the life of a horse. Her story and my journey with her can be located on my rescue page. Remembering her life and watching the video again made me so grateful to have been a part of this magnificent horses life. 

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